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Shnat Hachshara | Maccabi Gap Year

The best program designed to train Madrichim to lead their communities

The Shnat 8-month program is designed for Maccabi educators/ Madrichim/ young leaders, ages 18-19. You will have the opportunity to build and develop leadership skills through the Machon Le Madrichim seminars, joining the IDF Marvah, training and assisting with the Magen David Adom emergency service, living and working on a kibbutz, touring all over Israel, and learning about the Shoah while traveling to Poland for a week to take what you learned firsthand. It’s an excellent opportunity to have a memorable and unforgettable year with friends and Maccabi. The program also offers you to live in the main cities of Israel, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem, and discover the country through organized trips. 

The dates of the program are split into two segments to accommodate various countries:
North - Maccabi Gap Year (September-June): Venezuela, Guatemala, Mexico, United States, Spain, and others. 
South (March-November): Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brasil, Panamá.

Frequently asked questions

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