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Adults Programs

Your passport to a

meaningful experience

It's never too late to discover, enjoy, learn and connect with your roots!

With a long history, our department developed educational programs with the aim of strengthening the Jewish-Zionist identity of our participants. We work together with Jewish communities and local Maccabi organizations around the world to design the most meaningful experiences in Israel.

All our adult programs are only run and organized through Jewish organizations in your region. If you lead or want to develop a program for your Jewish community, please contact Daniela Hamer. Email:



Poland & Israel

Derech is a 2-week program that takes place in Poland and ends in Israel. Participants will learn about the Shoah (Holocaust) and visit the main places where history took place. The program is designed to reach a deep connection to one’s soul and Jewish identity. During the experience, we will visit the Warsaw Jewish Cemetery, the Warsaw Ghetto, the "1000 Years of Jewish Life" museum, the Old Town of Warsaw, the Treblinka extermination camp, the Lupo Juba Forest, Majdanek, Auschwitz and Birkenau, the Krakow ghetto, Schindler's factory, Plaszow, and other places.

The trip concludes in Israel, where the participants will discover the contemporary side of the country, its current affairs, culture, and people. The program and activities carried out in Israel will be adapted to the needs of each delegation.




Want to go a step further in understanding and gaining knowledge of your Jewish roots? Shorashim is a unique trip that proposes a different journey and will take participants through the east or west of Europe to see the history of Jewish life more in-depth. 

You can choose between two options based on your interest:

  • Portugal & Spain to learn more about the Sephardic roots

  • Prague, Vienna, and Budapest to discover the origins of the Ashkenazi culture.



Atid Israel

This program is for family members of Shnat Hachshara participants and takes place in September for ten days. Participants will travel to Poland and Israel, learn about the Shoah, visit the main places where history took places, such as labor and extermination camps, Warsaw Ghetto, Schindler Factory, Jewish museums, and more. 

The trip will conclude in Israel with touring popular areas and the Marvah Graduation Ceremony.




It’s never too late to come to Israel and spend 12 days touring and discovering its beauty. Bekeff is for adults and promises to be the most memorable experience for those who have never been to the country. Participants will visit the most popular places in Israel, such as Jerusalem, Yad Vashem, The Kotel, Haifa, Golan Heights, Tel Aviv, Shuk HaCarmel, Masada sunrise, ride camels with Bedouins, food tasting with Druze, floating in the Dead Sea, and more! 

This program is the perfect opportunity to get a feel of the nation’s culture and stories that will leave a mark for a lifetime. 

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