Israel Football Experience

Feel and live as a professional football player. Open for both boys and girls

The Israel Football Experience is a 7 month program where you can feel what it is like to live as a professional football player. The program is for young adults, boys, and girls, ages 18-26. Through 8+ hours of activities per day, we will provide you with intensive daily training, basic Hebrew Ulpan, motivational talks with high-performance athletes, and volunteer work in sport organizations. You will compete in official Israel soccer tournaments (Gimel ג & Artzit), train in high-standard football venues, receive a Technical Assistant Coach Course certification with Wingate, visit famous and prestigious football stadiums, and meet & greet young athletes from the most reputable football teams. Our goal is to provide you with the best football training to reach your maximum potential and become professional. Scouts will also be watching, so make sure to “bring your A-game.” The participant's home base will be in VIP apartments in the heart of Tel Aviv. 

The program runs from September to April.

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