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Israel Startup Experience (ISE)

The program where the dream of being in the “Startup Nation” becomes a reality!


ISE allows young professionals, between the ages of 17 and 20, to live a transformative experience in Israel. The dates of the programs are divided into two segments to adapt to the different hemispheres and are developed entirely in English so anyone in the world can join! Countries in the North will run from August-March and countries in the South will run from March-November. 

Participants will be able to improve their knowledge and learn about successful companies, startups, and develop business leadership skills through a three-month work internship. The program's mission is to turn participants into future leaders of the business world and provide them with tools for their professional careers. They will have leadership and entrepreneurship courses, be provided with vocational guidance, and partake in business workshops. At the end of their courses, the participants will take part in "Limitless"; a competition of international relevance in which the winners will develop their own startup venture with Israeli partners. During their stay, they will also participate in the Marvah with the IDF, take Hebrew classes in Ulpan, and volunteer in the Magen David Adom emergency service. Participants will live in Tel Aviv with friends and discover Israel through exciting planned tours and excursions.

*In this case, ISE North and South are different in their structure and dates. Although the North and South editions have similar stages, the south edition has an extra component where the participants join the Magen David Adom emergency service for one month. Additionally, ISE north offers Marva as only an optional choice. 

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