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Bekeff Hachshara

The best program if you want to experience what "Live like a local" means

The Bekeff program is for post-high school teens, ages 18-19. The dates are split into two segments to accommodate various countries. However, if participants from northern countries want to join southern countries or vice versa, we can make it happen. 

We aim to provide you with an unforgettable experience in Israel that can allow you to feel what it is like to “live like a local.” The program consists of multiple stages that either include living and working on a Kibbutz, training and assisting with Magen David Adom (MDA) emergency service, joining the IDF's Marvah, learning about the Shoah (Holocaust), and traveling to Poland for a week to take what you learned firsthand, and a scuba diving course in Eilat where you will receive an international certificate. The program will also include touring around Israel, living in Tel Aviv while attending Ulpan classes, and building strong bonds with new friends.

Bekeff North (July - March ) are the following countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, United States, Canada, and Spain. 

Bekeff South (March-November) are the following countries: Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brasil, Perú, and Panamá. 

*In this case, Bekeff North and South are different in their structure. Both programs do not have all the same stages. Bekeff north is a minimum of 4 months, but are able to extend your experience for another two months. Instead of having each stage, participants are able to choose, after learning about all the stages, which ones they want to do. Bekeff south has an already set schedule of stages that runs from February to June. However, this edition allows participants the option to choose between Marvah and Magen David Adom. Additionally, participants are given the chance to extend their program over a month to do a diving course, volunteering, and more touring. Keep in mind that extending is at an extra cost. 

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